Why Flight Training in Australia?

Australian flight school

Many people are confused of choosing the destination to join a pilot training program. Why don’t you pick Australia? Here are the three reasons:


1) CASA Standard

In aviation, there are mainly three standards for regulations and policies. They are FAA, CASA, and EASA. FAA (Federal Aviation  Administration) is mainly derived from United States while EASA is the standard for Europe countries.

Australia has its own standard called CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority).  It makes and manages the rules for aircraft manufacturing & maintenance, flight safety, flight test and evaluation, pilot license, aviation medical, and much more. It applies high standard which is firmer and higher than the FAA. Did you know that CASA is one of the most outstanding standards in aviation? Read more here.

2) Big career opportunity

With high flight standard, the pilot candidates gain more flight hours that make their skill better to pursue a career in aviation. It still depends on the license and course program that the students choose whether it is PPL, CPL, or CPL with IR and MER.

Remember, if you want to apply for a job abroad, make sure to fulfill the standard applied in that country. Pilot license conversion or endorsement is needed for this. If the destination has higher standard, the candidate is required to take more flight hours for sure.

Taking a flight training program Australia provides you a great career opportunity. Learn which pilot career options that you want!

3) Multiculturalism and future development

Multiculturalism in Australia offers a number of benefits! Living in a multicultural place makes you learn cultural diversity and accept the difference. It improves your language/communication skill as well. Last but not least, international students choose to be in Australia for future development. Australia is an English-speaking developed country with fast growing economy. The students from other countries decide to study in Australia since they expect for better future development in the aspects of education, technology, and more.